The International Organization for Local Government is a sponsor of culture, art and music: the founding conference of the Federation of Arab Musical Unions under the auspices of the organization

  • 29-May-2022
  • Tunisia, Tunis

Under the auspices of the International Organization for Local Governance and at the initiative of the Tunisian Syndicate of Artists, the founding conference of the Federation of Arab Musical Syndicates was held in the City of Culture in Tunisia 26, 27, 28 and 29 May 2022 with the attendance and participation of more than twelve Arab countries. 

This conference was attended by an official delegate of the IOLG and on behalf of its president, Dr. Ahlam Al-Arfaoui, the international advisor, Mr. Lotfi Al-Belazi, who gave a speech on the occasion. 

In opening his speech, Mr. Lotfi  welcomed the attendees , the guests of Tunisia and the participants , he also congratulated the artists and musicians on this new born, stressing the organization’s commitment to continue supporting the Federation of Arab Musical Unions in order to achieve its goals and the aspirations of musicians and artists. 

The international consultant Mr. Balaazi  also spoke during his speech about the goals of the organization, especially in the field of supporting decentralization and participatory democracy in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development,  He also praised the human competencies that the organization abounds in and that works to develop the organization’s work internationally, regionally and Arably, thanking all members of the organization for the great efforts they make. 

On the closing ceremony , Dr. Ahlam Arfaoui, president of the organization, was honored by Mr. Maher Hammami, the head of the Syndicate of Tunisian Artists, and on behalf of Arab musicians and artists, with a certificate of thanks in appreciation and recognition for her efforts in supporting art, music and culture.

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