Training Session "English for diplomatic purposes"

  • 14-Mar-2021
  • Tunisia, Tunis

What language should one use when speaking to diplomats, or what language should diplomats use? Or, to be more precise, what language/languages should a young diplomat try to learn to be more successful in his profession?


Various international organisations and numerous diplomatic conferences try to solve the linguistic problem by reducing the innumerable possibilities of intercommunication to a relatively small number of selected languages like english.

A young diplomat must know wich degree of formality of language that he use with others diplomates. And being successful in his professional life can have a lot to do with how others perceive him. And, when he can use the appropriete style of language with certain people, he can find that he achieve the result that he is aiming for.  

In this context, IOLG Tunisia branch organized a training session "English for diplomatic purposes" led by Dr hassen skouni, IOLG Internationnal Consultant, Director general of the parliamentary academy Tunisia, English Professor and Senior Manager of the ENA Tunisia, lasting 10 days.

This international course will allow participants to better understand communication tools at the same time as it offers them an upgrade in diplomatic English.

The pedagogical objectives:

They consist of the following:

• To master the way in which the participant communicates in English

 • To make the participant feel more confident when addressing counterparts or the general public in English

 • To learn more about and use the nuances of the English language and apply them effectively

 • To become more persuasive and convincing when negotiating in English.

The methodology:

The methodology lies heavily on the participant’s involvement. The course is highly participative. For this purpose:

  • Practical training sessions are conducted as to expose participants to real situations, allowing them to develop practical reaction. By the end of the course, the participants are expected to fully master the situations and communicate successfully in English, using the right ways and expressions. 
  • The course will help the participants acquire the key diplomacy and international relations terminology and give them a greater knowledge of specialist vocabulary and language strategies in a skills-oriented way to improve the quality of both their spoken and written English; and
  • Provide them with relevant practice in communication skills,


The course combines a variety of teaching methods: discussions, role plays, simulations, case studies, problem solving and practical exercises, and covers the following areas:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Speaking fluency practice
  • Practice in formal writing
  • Guideline reading of authentic articles and texts from a variety of sources.      
  • Grammar in context.
  • Different skills including presentations, discussion strategies, report  writing, social language, …

Course planning:

The course will be an intensive one, delivered over six consecutive weeks, on Saturdays, with a four-hour session each Saturday morning, from 9.00 to 1.00. That is a total of twenty-four hours.

 In addition, online courses will also be delivered on a weekly basis. The participants will receive regular feedback and updates on their progress.


At the end of the course, a certificate of Proficiency in English for Diplomatic Purposes will be delivered to the participants who get the right scores and succeed in the final exams.


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